[06] GS Mains + Essay Combo (2021, 2022, 2023)

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It includes Advanced Lectures, Study Material, Personal Student Dashboard, Extensive Answer Writing Sessions, Expert Support, Offline Centre Support and many more. Read the Description below for Details. It includes all Special courses for Mains (No need to purchase separately). Prelims Special courses are not included.

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Batch (Exam year: 2021/ 2022/ 2023)
Batch (Exam year: 2021/ 2022/ 2023)


We are providing the best, highly relevant, exam oriented, most comprehensive and shortest time duration General Studies Online Classroom course.

Note: This combo course for “GS Mains + Essay” includes all Special courses for Mains and Essay (No need to purchase separately).

The courses are divided into two parts:

A. Basic course:

These are free Lectures available on YouTube.

B. Paid Courses (Registered users):

  • Advanced lectures: These include applied part and in depth-learning for all major topics. These are not available at YouTube.
  • Study Material: Lecture content is available for registered students in PDF format.
  • Personalized student dashboard: Registered Students get a Personalized student dashboard with a login password. You can watch the lectures anywhere, anytime.
  • Answer Writing Practice: There are extensive answer writing sessions. Kindly note that evaluation is not part of the Classroom course. Evaluation is available for test series students.
  • Model Answers: You will get model answers of the previous year questions, expected questions etc.
  • Expert Support: You will get Doubt clearance Sessions via mail, chat or phone, as and when required.
  • Offline centre Support at Delhi
  • And many more…


Salient Features

  • All Subjects
  • Combos available
  • No need to purchase any book
  • Video lectures and Printable PDF Content
  • Personalised Dashboard: Access on mobile and Laptop/ PC
  • watch a lecture unlimited number of Times





Course Content: GS Mains

General Studies Paper 1

  • History (Ancient, Medieval, Modern, World, Post Independence), Art and Culture
  • Geography
  • Social Issues

General Studies Paper 2

  • Polity
  • Governance
  • Administration
  • International Relations

General Studies Paper 3

  • Economy
  • Agriculture
  • Environment and Disaster Management
  • Science and Technology
  • Internal Security

 General Studies Paper 4

  • Theory
  • Case Study
  • Applied Ethics

 Qualifying Papers

  • English
  • Hindi



Essay Course Content

Static Essays

  • Topics from All Static Subjects: Polity, Economy, Geography, History, Environment, Science and Technology.
  • Current Affairs.
  • Sessions on Essay-Writing Strategies.

Essays on Current Affairs

  • Important Topics in News
  • Essays on Contemporary issues

Applied and Philosophical Essays

  • Important Topics in News
  • Essays on Contemporary issues


Additional information

Batch (Exam year: 2021/ 2022/ 2023)

2021, 2022, 2023